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German Pavilion at wire South America / TUBOTECH 2017

3 – 5 October 2017 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Petig AG

Booth number: Hall 5 - 732

Since 1901, PETIG has been the tool specialist for the wire & cable industry and steel processing industry. Many innovative techniques were implemented by PETIG.

Today, PETIG offers a broad portfolio of products e.g. profile and tube punching machines, compression testing presses as well as cable shears and steel cutters, which can be used in a wide variety of applications.

From technical analysis, to delvopment, up to the installation and ongoing maintenance - our customers can rely on a complete support strategy Sophisticated solutions, long experience and  outstanding service
- PETIG is your partner for metal processing.

PETIG offers a wide range of hydraulic cable cutters to serve the energy and the cable industry. The portfolio includes cutters in various sizes to cut cables up to a diameter of 350 mm. From the battery-powered HK 2 for mobile applications to the HKS 9-2 with high pressure hydraulic power unit

The high performance HYDROCUTs cut wire and rod material with a diameter up to 60 mm. The compact design makes it suitable for all applications in the wire industries. Especially flexible is PETIG’s new development, the ACCUCUT 516 powered by a high performance lithium-ion accumulator.

Non-deforming punching – this is the key concept that distinguishes PETIG’s systems. Cunning technology prevents the deformation of the processed sections. Another special feature is the option of through and through punching of pieces in one process.

Petig AG
Rhenaniastr. 39
41516 Grevenbroich

Phone: +49 2181 7858
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E-mail: u.hoesen@petig.com
Internet: www.petig.com


TRAXIT International GmbH

Booth number: Hall 5 - 633


Meet the worldwide leader in lubricants for the international wire-drawing industry. We provide a complete range of tried and tested products and innovative solutions to suit all needs and applications of our demanding customers. For more than 135 years.

Founded 1881 in Schwelm, Germany, TRAXIT International has grown into one of the largest players in this line of business. And today we are the only global supplier that maintains drawing lubricants and compounds as its sole business.

If you would like to find out more about the fascinating world of TRAXIT and our product lines, come and see us soon in Sao Paulo.


TRAXIT is a forward-thinking, dynamic and eco-conscious company that uses its vast experience to look ahead and remain at the cutting edge of wire-drawing technology. For instance: TRAXIT is able to offer boraxfree lubricants for all drawing applications, TRAXIT has started to produce dry lubricants with total usage to reduce disposal costs, TRAXIT is developing lubricants with constant viscosity at high temperature to reduce the friction temperature inside the die, TRAXIT is working on special lubricants for highest drawing performance with anti-friction for extended die life and higher productivity, TRAXIT offers sodium soaps with a large and special shape of grain size to reduce the dust contamination around the drawing line, TRAXIT already started many years ago to enter the market with lubricants for pressure dies (hydrodynamic lubrication) and there is always more to come. TRAXIT. WELLNESS FOR WIRE

TRAXIT International GmbH
Prinzenstr. 46 - 50
58332 Schwelm

Phone: +49 2336 919-100
Fax: +49 2336 919-101

E-mail: info@traxit.com
Internet: www.traxit.com